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ZELUS is your trusted partner in supporting BIM & VDC solutions.

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Chemical Factory 3D model


Experience a reliable and customized approach to your BIM/VDC needs. You’ll work alongside a dedicated point-of-contact to provide support as you need it. Communication, accountability, and industry experience are all things you can trust when working with ZELUS.

BIM / VDC Services

BIM Modeling Services

Unlike the 2D drawings of the past, BIM brings the design to life with 3D technology that includes the full dimensions of the building elements.

BIM Support Services

Whatever your role, we have you covered. The team provides all stakeholder specific support including Owners, Designers, Engineers, Contractors and all Trades.

BIM Execution Planning

The first step in establishing a successful project is to ensure you have the right plan in place. We work closely with you to curate a customized Execution Plan that suits your needs while promoting value and accountability.

Coordination and Clash Detection

An essential step in the construction process. Our team virtually builds the project, identifying then resolving challenges before they occur in the field. This reduces errors and inadequacies that can lead to extended timelines and overspent budgets.

Lead Coordination Services

Mitigate both cost and risk by trusting ZELUS to assist in project coordination. Get all project leads on the same page and compress your project schedule.

Fabrication and Shop Drawings

Our team produces drawings specifically for you. These included preferred title block, key plans, notes and dimensional accuracy for rough install.

BIM/ VDC Consulting

Collaborate with our team to provide years of industry expertise as we strategize to get the most value from your VDC workflows.

Field Layout Point Creation

Points are embedded within a coordinated model and provided to your team in your preferred format for field layout.

2D to 3D Conversion

No 3D model at the start? No problem. Our team will convert your 2D plans into a reliable LOD specific 3D model.

Staff Augmentation

ZELUS provides team resources on or off site to help you adjust to project workload and/or project specific technical needs.

How do we create a custom solution for our clients?


  • Gain a trusted partner in ZELUS
  • On-demand cutting edge technology 
  • Scale your team with our temporary staffing solutions on & off site


  • Project pursuit media & tools
  • LOD specific models
  • Reliable fabrication outputs



    • Internal BIM execution plans
    • Industry thought leadership and strategy


Case Study

The team working with IM Flash Technology came to ZELUS to create a plan for off-site prefabrication of MEP materials requiring less plant downtime. They had a massive ramp up with new tool implementations, all while having a very tight timeline.

IM Flash Technology

Semiconductor Plant