A program to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with a strategic plan and customized process for successfully transitioning their business.


The program is designed to satisfy three key objectives within an eligible business.

  • Seamless transition for clients and customers.
  • Smooth transition for employees.
  • Customized transition for the owner(s).


ZELUS works with our transition partners with a customized approach towards each business. This includes transitioning projects and work, key contracts, customer relationships, valued employees, office space & rent (in selected cases), and the role of the owner.

Why Partner with ZELUS™

Best in Class Strategic Partner

Seamless Client Transition

Benefit from our Sales Engine

We Invest in R&D

Rationalize Responsibilities

Promote Work Life Balance

Transition for Valued Employees

Employee Benefits Program

Maximize Growth Potential

Reduce Financial Risk

Additional Details for ZELUS™ NEXT

  • Consideration to Owners: Consideration to owners is generally comprised of a down payment of cash and a revenue sharing agreement over time.
  • Program Duration: Revenue sharing agreements are earmarked for two to three years but this may vary depending upon individual circumstances.
  • Down Payment: The down payment is generally computed by evaluating recent trends in owner compensation and cash flow.
  • Owner Employment: The program offers flexibility - owners may join Team Zelus and continue their employment or transition away from the business to facilitate retirement or other personal and lifestyle objectives.
  • Program Eligibility: Owners of businesses that provide 2d, 3d, BIM and other virtual design services that have generated at least $1 million in revenues in each of the last three years.
  • Program Participation: By invitation from Zelus.
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Have Questions about ZELUS™NEXT ?

Reach out to us to inquire about partnering with ZELUS™ and learn if your business is eligible for ZELUS™ NEXT program. We're looking forward to hearing from you.