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At ZELUS our unwavering dedication extends to our team, the industry, and the customers we serve as we continuously strive for excellence and innovation. We firmly believe in nurturing the inherent, distinctive talents that reside within each individual by investing in our people. When you become part of our team, you immerse yourself in a community of passionate and supportive innovators fostering mutual growth and development. It's a chance to make a lasting impact and discover the joy of genuinely loving what you do and the people you do it with.


Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Committed. That’s the ZELUS team. We are relentlessly committed not only to success, but to you. That’s why we offer a compensation and benefits program that supports every employee’s journey and reflects their shared success in our business.

Comprehensive Benefits


401K with Match

Life Insurance

Annual Salary Review

Learning & Development

Profit Sharing

Emphasis on Work/Life Balance

Company Events & Outreach

Hybrid & Remote Environments

A Top Company to work for six years in a row.

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Jim Headshot_Square

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work for many companies, but ZELUS has been the best by far. Great people, great culture, with great opportunities for growth makes ZELUS an amazing place to work. Everyday brings new and exciting projects making it a joy to come to work each day. Our culture encourages intellectual curiosity from all its members leading to exciting innovations that clearly makes us the leader in our industry.

Jim Kennelly, VDC Lead

I’ve been part of the amazing ZELUS family for eight years now and the main reason I believe I was successful in my career is I’ve been able to see a clear path ahead and endless opportunities for growth. I work with such supportive and caring colleagues and most importantly, what I do interests and inspires me to continue to grow.

Nazanin Mirzaii, VDC Lead
ZELUS_Nazanin Headshot_Careers
ZELUS_Yohance Headshot_Careers

It's a very rare occasion when you can leave your home and find a community that resembles the same energy of it. ZELUS is that home away from home for me and it makes coming to work effortless.

Yohance Henley, Preconstruction Estimator


Empowering each other through growth.

Investing in our people and fostering continuous learning is at the heart of ZELUS’s success. Whether through our internship program, mentorship program, or ZELUS Academy™, we stand ready to support your career journey at any stage.


ZELUS actively seeks the brightest emerging talent from schools across the nation for our internship program. Each internship offers unparalleled hands- on experience in real projects, allowing interns to collaborate with our modeling teams, field specialists, estimators, construction managers, and clients.


Designed to facilitate ongoing growth and development, our mentorship program provides our employees with dedicated guidance from experienced team professionals. Our goal is to help you refine your skills and gain invaluable insights into the next step of your career path.


No one knows what we do better than the people who do it every single day. ZELUS Academy is our professional development course with content curated for our team, by our team. Empowering you from day one, these specialized training courses are aimed at preparing you for any challenge that lies ahead.


Our commitment to a more inclusive future.

We believe in the power of embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion to foster innovation and create a thriving workplace that reflects the rich tapestry of our communities. Our dedication to these principles is unwavering and we pledge to cultivate an environment where all employees, partners, and stakeholders are valued and respected.



We recognize that diversity encompasses a wide range of perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, and identities. We are devoted to building a workforce that is reflective of the diverse world in which we operate. We seek individuals from all genders, ethnicities, cultures, ages, orientations, and backgrounds knowing that it is this very diversity that fuels our collective growth and success.



True equity goes beyond equal treatment; it requires acknowledging and addressing systemic disparities that exist in the corporate world. ZELUS is dedicated to providing fair access to opportunities, resources, and advancement for all individuals regardless of their background. By fostering an environment of fairness and acceptance, we aim to eliminate barriers and create a level playing field for all.



We strive to create an inclusive workplace where every voice is heard and every perspective valued. We actively encourage open dialogue and collaboration so that everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves authentically. It is our duty to ensure all employees feel they belong and can contribute their best every single day.

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