ZELUS - We're a people company

From hiring diverse talent to investing in the industry’s best technology, ZELUS is built with an unparalleled dedication to quality.
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Our Story

ZELUS started with an idea, a small group of people, and a park table. We had a vision for a company that delivered consistently good work, with global reach, and the ability to continue growing. Our team knew from previous experience what it was like to work under limited vision and constraints placed by boards, and we wanted something different.


Our core team of 9 set up an “office” at Papago Park, and we got to work. We would meet at a cement park bench under a ramada three times a week. That team of 9 grew to over 150 and we are excited to continue that growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring efficiency to the construction process by providing an accurate dimensional understanding of the physical world.


We do this by integrating technology into the design and as-built process, enabling owners, architects, contractors, and engineers to reduce cost and improve schedule performance.


Our Values


Grateful for our diversity of clients and team members, who produce greater value than that of any individual.


Committed to a collaborative environment that fosters individual creativity, thought and innovation.


Delivering the hightest quality products and services through honest and clear communication.


Relentlessly and enthusiastically driven towards excellence.

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Passion is at our core

Delivering outstanding work begins with a team that cares. From helping our clients make informed decisions for their projects, to customizing deliverables based on individual client needs, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Empowering the industry

Doing the right thing is at our core. We believe that trust is a non-negotiable in a partnership, and we build that with you through honesty, accountability, and quality.

team zelus culture

The ZELUS Leadership

Ken Smerz

Chief Executive Officer

Randy Marks

Vice President of Operations

Sean Spisak

Innovation Director

Will Carroll

Operations Director

Cary Burr

Vice President of Sales

Bo Hatfield

Construction Manager

Craig Baker

Construction Consultant

Ron Nauta

Construction Consultant

Joe Mack

Construction Consultant

David McDonald

Construction Consultant

Matt Burchett

Senior Estimator

Christian Corey

Construction Manager

Juan Rochin

VDC Lead

Megan Rasco

Construction Manager

Nazanin Mirzaii

VDC Lead

Pat Hurley

Construction Manager

Valerie Etherton

Construction Manager

Yohance Henley

VDC Designer

Kaylin Schwiesow

Marketing Coordinator

Abarna Krishnakumar

VDC Development Manager

Dylan Thorfinnson

Reality Capture Manager

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