Semiconductor Fab Interior

The Challenge

When preparing their fab for new tool installations at our client’s semiconductor site in Santa Clara, it was imperative to have a precise understanding of the available workspace dimensions. Due to the densely packed MEP systems, conventional measuring techniques proved impractical. As a result, our client sought an exceptionally accurate BIM model to effectively communicate the positioning of the waffle slab and other surrounding elements.


The Solution

Laser scanning for this project demanded a meticulous approach to guarantee the accurate capture of data even within the most densely packed sections of MEP. The ZELUS team strategically utilized an extended tripod crane to maneuver the scanner above these congested areas. Additionally, we employed a rebar scanner to detect and convey the positioning and thickness of reinforcement between the fab and sub-fab levels. Leveraging this data, we were able to create a highly precise BIM model that not only facilitated a seamless tool installation, but can also be continually updated to streamline future installations.


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