Advanced Clash Detection

The Problem

In developing a site for an e-commerce company in the Las Vegas metro area, our client was tasked with delivering a 650,000-square-foot, cross-dock facility, where materials are unloaded from incoming semi-trucks and loaded directly onto outbound trucks with little or no storage between.


The challenge was to deliver a high-quality facility that met client and tenant expectations while adhering to a very aggressive timeline. At the same time, our client needed to reduce spend on reconciling clashes in the field — clashes with the potential to amass change orders totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The Solution

Providing BIM/VDC services, ZELUS assisted in lead coordination, with an emphasis on coordination with the shell and structural components of the facility. Highly accurate 3D models identified design and construction issues early in the processes, particularly clashes with structural elements, sprinklers, rigid ducts, and electrical panels. After just four weeks of coordination services, the 3D models helped reveal nearly 70 coordination issues.


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650,000 SQFT

650,000-square-foot inbound cross-dock facility

Clash Detection

Identify design/build issues early with structural elements, sprinklers, rigid ducts, and electrical panels

Material Coordination

Coordination with material handling equipment and help fit efficiently into existing space being built

Reduced Mistakes

67 coordination issues were discovered after only 4 weeks of coordination services


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Design Coordination
Modeling Services
3D Modeling


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