New Orleans Superdome

The Problem

The New Orleans Superdome, built in the 70’s, is an iconic treasure of the Southeastern United States. Our team was chosen to renovate the roughly 2.6 million square-foot stadium, but in order to do so we needed to have dependable renderings and keep teams of contractors on the same page.


The Solution

ZELUS mobilized 8 scanners on-site working 24/7 to complete laser scanning to create an accurate 3D model. Due to the critical nature of the model that is being used by a multitude of shareholders, an intensive QA/QC process was integrated.


Our team completed the dense MEP project in 4 months with high accuracy, a feat near impossible at this scale.



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Project Coordination

Our team was able to assist in managing multiple project stakeholders. 

Schedule Compression

Project schedule condensed from original team projections

Reduced Rework

With teams using accurate and exact data, rework was radically reduced. 

Over 300k Elements

Due to the size and shape, our team scanned over 300k elements. 


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