‘Love’ Abounds at ZELUS: Inside the Company Culture

  • September 27, 2022

At ZELUS, we’re all about love.

Love for one another. Love for what we do. Love for the industry we get to serve. And love for the clients we get to work with every day.

Our team exudes this love and passion for what we do day in and day out––and that’s demonstrated in many different ways. From supporting one another through individual growth journeys to taking the initiative to pursue ongoing education and certifications that uplevel the services we provide to clients.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all or one singular formula that makes a great culture, there are several characteristics that we have found fuel and motivate our team.


“It feels like you’re on a team that has goals and has a lot to do, but we all work together to accomplish it,” said Zach Mykytiuk, National Development Manager.

“Everyone is always willing to lend a hand or share their experience or best practices,” said Norma Drake, Production Manager. “You have a lot of access to resources and knowledge.”

Community and respect

The support among the team has created a sense of community that’s hard to find in the work environment. A big contributor to that sense of community has been the tremendous respect everyone has for one another regardless of role or hierarchy.

“No matter who you’re working with––what department or where they stand in the company––there’s always respect given both ways,” said Charles Weaver, R&D Specialist.

“You get to know the actual person, not just as your co-worker,” said Juan Rochin, Project Manager. “And that’s part of our culture that I love. They’re like my second family that has adopted me in the US.”

Freedom to innovate

Autonomy is foundational to motivation, innovation and purpose –– and it’s something that has been a top priority at ZELUS.

“The freedom we are given to pursue our own ambitions and think outside of the box was one of the biggest things that drove me to the technology group here at ZELUS,” Charles said. “We’re able to go research new things and develop anything the company might need to create greater efficiencies on our own accord.

Passion and trust

There’s a tremendous sense of passion among the team––passion for the work we do, clients we serve, and supporting each other. That in turn has fostered a great deal of trust.

“It’s rewarding to see people succeed on a daily basis when faced with new challenges,” said Ross Vincent, assistant project manager. “Our team is always there and always willing to give it their best shot. And they overcome every challenge we put before them.”

“We are all individuals, but we work together and I think that’s proven to be the most effective way for the clients to get everything completed,” said Joe Mack, Sales Consultant in the New York office.


“Making an overall impact to the AEC industry––you typically don’t get to see those impacts working for bigger corporations,” said Ron Nauta, VDC Consultant. “You typically get lost in the mix. But here at ZELUS, you can see it. You’re making an impact and getting to contribute to our society.”

“When clients tell me ‘The project your team developed saved us so much money and saved us so much time,’ that is rewarding,” Juan said.

Continuous learning

“Every day at ZELUS I’m learning something new from the team and the project we’re working on,” said Nazanin Mirzaiikondor, Project Manager.

Education and professional development are core to our culture. There’s a genuine passion for learning and contributing to one another's growth. At ZELUS, we provide access to continued education resources and developed an internal mentorship program to support individual growth goals.

Our team, and the love they exude, is the reason ZELUS has been recognized as a Top Company to Work For Arizona for the past five years in a row––and it’s what has formed our strong culture and sense of community.