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Commercial office spaces are under redesign to maximize efficiency and accommodate the new hybrid models of work. Especially post-pandemic, office spaces must now accommodate become flexible, responsive, and adaptive to the new working environment. By understanding the physical environment of the existing space, businesses can properly plan according to employee’s needs and functions while realizing a full return on their investment. ZELUS has worked across the commercial office space with owners, architects, contractors, and facility managers to provide a detailed perspective of the existing conditions to reimagine what is possible for the space.


Typical deliverables include:

  • 2d CAD files
  • 3d Revit models
  • Advance clash detection analysis
  • Space planning
  • Immersive HD photographic tours
  • BIM execution plans

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When you work with ZELUS, you’ll receive access to your own secure cloud-based platform, which you can share with internal and external project stakeholders for real-time collaboration. This keeps everyone on the same page, and ensures that your project will be done correctly the first time.


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